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Orange Abstractor Services Co.
Title-To-Go services for Realtors and Homeowners

You’ve made your presentation.
You’ve gotten the listing.
You’ve started to market.
What if there is a problem with the title?
Now you can streamline your closing with Orange Abstract!

Ornage Abstract Corporation now offers its TITLE-TO-GO
for the busy realtor and knowledgeable homeowner.

(Remember to return to Merchant to fill in the information specific to your transaction.)

• Find out right away if there are title issues on the property.
• Get started resolving issues immediately.
• Why wait until you have a buyer for the property, the contracts are finally out and signed, the buyer has their bank in place and everyone is waiting to close before you find out that there is a title issue?
• For only $45 we will check vesting deed and mortgages on the sellers property.
• We also offer online checks for CO’s and Municipal Violations in many Counties.
• Homeowners - be in the know!!!

End Closing Hold-Ups... Be a Savvy Realtor !
Ask about our settlement services for realtors and homeowners. No more waiting for contracts.

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