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Scheduling Your Closing

ARRANGE FOR YOUR CLOSING DATE by calling or faxing our closing department during office hours.

At that time please provide us with:

• Title number
• Date and time of closing
• Location of closing
• Lender’s Policy Requirement
• Any change in purchase price and loan amount

• Obtain county & tax continuation reports
• Assign an experienced closer
• Prepare the appropriate lender’s policy to be delivered to the bank attorney at closing

• Attend your closing, with your title report and mortgage policy, if required
• Recertify the title report and ensure that all objections are
dealt with appropriately
• See that all documents are executed and acknowledged properly
• Collect premiums, taxes and recording fees

YOUR TITLE INSURANCE POLlCY will contain all updated information, all endorsements and affirmative insurance requested by your lender, and will reflect disposition of title issues made at the closing of your transaction .

Placing your order is easy

Gill Abstract Corporation can take your order for title insurance . . .

• BY PHONE:Call our applications desk
(845) 294-6972

• BY FAX: You can place your order through our Title Fax Program (917)591-8010

Please provide all available information:
1. Location of Premises
2. Buyer’s name and Seller’s name
3. Copy of Contract of Sale, where applicable
4. Copy of Existing Survey, if available
5. Name of lender’s bank & attorney, where applicable
6. Required departmentals (municipals) and survey requirements
7. Name of seller’s attorney, where applicable
8. Tax Designation, if available
9. Type of insurance, and amounts required

Once your order is placed, you will be assigned a title number. A confirmation will be provided to you in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail. Please refer to your title number when inquiring about your order.

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